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“Koko Global Hospitality”, the Japanese all-inclusive hotel management firm, intensifies its efforts to become the “Professional Operating Firm” of the hospitality industry

Koko Global Hospitality, a Japanese all-inclusive hotel management firm, has fully launched its business restructure for its sub-brands, which include Kokotel, VIVTEL, and by Koko with the aim of promoting happiness and benefits for both guests and hotel owners through the “Koko Rewards” loyalty program. With the “F+O+W -> GL” concept, which focuses on providing professional management services with a friends-and-family-like mindset to maximize “Wow”, Koko Global Hospitality expects to grow the brand into the “Professional Operating Firm” in the hospitality industry, and use this to leverage itself to become a global hotel management firm for over 1,000 properties across 6 continents and 10 countries.

Rei Matsuda, the founder and CEO ofKoko Global Hospitality Co., Ltd., said that the firm was established in 2015 as a hotel operator firm with the brand called ‘Kokotel’ and later expanded to cover other business areas, such as comprehensive hotel management with the concept of the Centralized and Property Operation Management, Sales & Marketing, Branding and others before the brand evolved to the well-established hotel to meet demands of hotel owners in every market segment.

In order to capitalize on its success, the firm expanded its business operations into the hospitality industry, spanning more than 20 hotels across Thailand and establishing Koko Global Hospitality Co., Ltd. with the goal of overseeing the following 3 hotel brands and services.

  • Kokotel: The 3-star hotel under the concept of Bed & Café which is designed exclusively for a group of friends and families.
  • VIVTEL: The premium 4-star hotel which is inspired by the concept of “Our Space” to suit the demands of couples. The design of the lobby features the Wine Bar theme.
  • by Koko: The firm that offers all-inclusive hotel management under the owner’s brand. The “Koko Rewards” loyalty program is now being developed to provide guests and hotel owners with a wide range of benefits.
  • Hotel management services with the owner’s brand

“After efforts to push the business to a higher level of the hospitality industry, the firm was successfully established. We deepen our collaboration in accordance with the “F+O+W -> GL” approach by initially encouraging friends-and-family cooperation in business development that is founded on honesty and professionalism and the results pleasantly surprise the hotel owners. The hotel has steadily expanded to a worldwide level and is recognized as a “Professional Operation Firm” in the hospitality industry.”

Rei added that, “With the goal of standardizing management practices and offering professional advice to our hotels, the firm develops a business model called Centralized and Property Operation Management that covers Sales, Reservation, Marketing, Revenue, Purchasing, Accounting, and IT departments and can be operated at the headquarters.”

With the concept, the Resident Master will be a liaison between the headquarters and staff at each hotel, including Housekeepers, Chefs, Engineer, and Receptionists. In contrast to bigger hotels with high fixed costs, the Centralized and Property Operation Management model improves cost-effective hiring and enhances return on investment for hotel owners, particularly for medium-sized hotels with 50 to 200 rooms.

The combination of our 3 hotel brands has maximized the “Wow” and adapted to guests’ current lifestyle. The soon-to-be-launched loyalty program, Koko Rewards will provide guests of more than 2,000 hotels access to a wide range of benefits while creating opportunities for the hotel owners to attract more repeat guests. At present, the platform contributes significantly to boosting hotel owners’ profits while significantly lowering their marketing expenses.

Yoshikatsu Tamura, Corporate Officer at Relo Group Inc. and one of the investors of Koko Global Hospitality said, Thailand is a tourism-oriented country and one of the important international travel destinations. The policy of the Thai government to reopen its borders fosters the travel industry in both major and secondary cities which create positive impacts on the hotel sector. Besides, medium-sized hotels with 50 to 200 rooms are not currently operated by any large hotel owners. As a result, the Centralized and Property Operation Management model assists owners of medium-sized hotels in resolving expenditure difficulties and opening up new opportunities for business growth. Relo Group Inc. decided to invest in the firm because of these reasons, and we are optimistic that it will succeed in becoming a global firm.

Rei came to the conclusion that the firm’s top priority is the prosperity of the hotel owners. With this goal in mind, the firm builds self-esteem in the workplace and encourages staffs to provide service with such mindset to guests in every aspect, including identifying room for improvement, trust and respect in others’ abilities, working together in an honest and respectful manner, and being committed to achieving and following up on each task.

“The honesty is what our firm offers to the hotel owners who are part of our management team to jointly grow the firm. By empowering people with professional management skills, we help their hotels expand on their own even when they are short on time while still reaping the advantages of cost-effectiveness.”

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