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“Kokotel” creates “Centralized Operation” model A WOW solution for medium-sized hotels!! With 6 newly signed contracts amid COVID-19 crisis

Kokotel, a Japanese hotel operator, is on course to create a “WOW” experience, inviting medium-sized hotel owners to co-create high revenue amid the current economic crisis, under the new management model called “Centralized Operation” – a full-range solution to the hotel business by the back-office teams who take care of all the relevant operations, decreasing cost in human resource and increasing sales effectiveness, for the better turnover. Having 6 new contracts to guarantee its success and 464 more rooms under its wing, Kokotel aims to constantly expand its service across Thailand and other countries.

Mr. Rei Matsuda, CEO of Kokotel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. explains that Kokotel is a Japanese hotel operator, with 6-year experience in hotel management at the heart of the main tourist cities of Thailand, especially the 50-to-200-room mid-scale operation. The company provides all-encompassing services and solutions to hotel business, offering a new centralized systemic approach called “Centralized Operation” which helps the business owners to generate income with more financial efficiency.

“Besides dwindling numbers of tourists due to COVID-19, the other impact that small-to-medium-sized hotels have to face is the lack of experience in managing the business amid economic crisis, such as how to keep the standard of service, how to manage the human resource, the purchasing, or even how to increase the profit. Several owners hire big hotel brands to manage the business for them, but that creates a higher cost of service. Eventually their fixed cost becomes too high, and affects the profit. They are left with a higher financial burden.”

The COVID-19 situation much emphasizes the efficiency of this new model of “Centralized Operation” for hotel management. In this model, the professional teams of Kokotel will form your back-office teams. They will find solutions and provide support to various operations: Sales and Marketing team – planning how to sell the rooms effectively both online and via agencies, with market evaluation and suitable price adjustment; Account team – professionally recording and summarizing the financial statement; IT team – selecting and managing the IT system, including the software necessary for hotel management. The Kokotel back-office teams will manage hotels for the owners, sending reports and organizing monthly internal meetings.

The effective management system can support the hotel business in every way. Even from the very beginning with only a plot of land or without any experience in the hotel industry, Kokotel is equipped with our Design and Construction Management team – advising on the designs and cooperating with the contractors to reach the standard of your hotel brand and execute the construction on time; Human Resource team – evaluating the needed man power, selecting and training employees in accordance with the hospitality standard; Food and Beverage team – a group of food experts to plan the culinary concept and select the cost-effective ingredients; Purchasing team – ensuring the quality of supplies, the selection and price efficiency. With no need to employ additional manpower to form these teams, the “Centralized Operation” ensures less cost and better revenue.

Mr. Rei also states that although many businesses in the tourist industry, like hotel business, are continuously impacted by COVID-19 but several hotel owners still entrust Kokotel with their business. Recently Kokotel signed 6 new contracts, adding 464 more rooms to its management.

Hotels under “Kokotel” brand are:

  • Kokotel Bangkok Pratunam  Pratunam, Bangkok, 95 rooms
  • Kokotel Pattaya South Beach  Sai 2 Road, Pattaya, 101 rooms
  • Kokotel Khao Lak Suwan Palm  Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga, 60 rooms 

Hotels under the owners’ brands are:

  • Spittze Hotel Pratunam  Pratunam, Bangkok, 85 rooms
  • Hotel COCO Phuket Bangtao  Bang Tao Beach, Phuket, 77 rooms
  • Khao Lak Mohin Tara Resort  Takua Pa, Khao Lak, Phang Nga, 46 rooms

Dr. Supot Gulati, owner of a hotel brand under Kokotel’s management, adds that over 4 years of working in alliance with Kokotel give birth to Kokotel Phuket Patong and Kokotel Krabi Ao Nang, both of which keep growing at fast pace. The said success will be expanded in 2022 as well, with the third and fourth contracts for Kokotel management of Kokotel Khao Lak Suwan Palm, and Khao Lak Mohin Tara Resort.

“I feel very pleased and excited with these 2 new adventures with Kokotel at Khao Lak. And I’m also confident that the Centralized Operation team will make our 106 rooms another WOW on top of those previous WOWs.”

“With the 6 new contracts, Kokotel currently has 20 hotels in our management across Thailand,” Mr. Rei says. “This success solidifies our intention to continue expanding this Centralized Operation model for the hospitality industry both in Thailand and abroad. We will keep offering the full-range professional consultation and solutions for hotel management, without compromising the quality standard of Kokotel, which derives its name from the Japanese word ‘kokoro (heart)’ – a symbolic blend of Thai heartwarming service and Japanese quality.”

All hotel owners interested in Kokotel’s management and operation, may contact the company via the website  https://www.kokotel.com/hotel-management-service-th/ or by calling 02-026-3218 or via LINE @kokotelmanagement (https://bit.ly/3uvzqox).

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