July 2, 2024 - News Release

Kokotel Announces New Brand Concept “Kokotel as Entertainment” 

Redefining hotel experience as entertainment for friends and families

Bangkok (24 June, 2024) – Kokotel, a brand under Koko Global Hospitality Co., Ltd., announces the launch of its “Kokotel as Entertainment” concept. The concept introduces new contents for guests to deliver more “Wow” experiences for friends and families.

Brand Concept: “Kokotel as Entertainment” This new brand concept goes beyond just a place to sleep, redefining hotel experience as entertainment for friends and families. This concept is inspired by Kokotel’s brand philosophy of “Wow our Friends & Family”. Every trip with friends and families is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kokotel exists to bring “Wow” moments for friends and families.

“After growing to over 10 properties in just 8 years, ‘Kokotel’ is now ready to be reborn. We’re thrilled to launch ‘Kokotel as Entertainment,’ the new brand concept that elevates the guest experience beyond accommodation. With playful surprises, memorable moments, and exceptional care, we aim to create more wow moments for families and friends at Kokotel”, Rei Matsuda, CEO said.

Playful, Memorable, and Caring: The Core Values Kokotel Deliver Launched in June 2024, the “Kokotel as Entertainment” concept revolves around three core values: Playful, Memorable, and Caring. 

Existing Contents: (They are limited to certain facilities.)

  • Playful: The iconic sheep mascot, slides and kids’ spaces keep laughter and fun for children.
Iconic sheep mascot & Slider
Kokotel Bangkok Surawong
Kids Space
Kokotel Pattaya South Beach
Kids Space
Kokotel Krabi Oasis
  • Memorable: Family-friendly rooms for 3-4 people and a cafe at the lobby foster connection and shared moments.
Family-friendly room
Kokotel Chiang Mai Nimman
Family-friendly room
Kokotel Khao Lak Lighthouse
  • Caring: Exceptional staff hospitality consistently exceeding 8.5 on OTA reviews, comfortable beds, and unwavering cleanliness ensure relaxing time for guests.
Staff’s hospitality
Comfortable bed
Care for cleanliness

New Contents (They are limited to certain facilities.)
Adding to the existing contents, Kokotel introduces these brand new offerings:

  • Playful: Welcome Snack Harvest
    Welcome snacks are available to pack as much as you like. A sweet arrival with a snack set the tone for a playful stay.
Welcome Snack Harvest
Kokotel Chiang Rai Airport Suites
Welcome Snack Harvest
Kokotel Chiang Rai Airport Suites
  • Memorable: Original Thai-style pants
    Thai pants with original design are available as matching loungewear. With matching loungewear, the hotel stay will be more memorable.
Original Thai-style pants
  • Caring: Amenity Station
    Guests can choose from a selection of amenities necessary for a safe and secure stay, from items for children such as baby bed and baths, to items for adults such as skin care and sunscreen. 
Amenity Station
Baby bath items
Baby bed guard

Official Animated Movie
The brand’s concept movie is now available on YouTube. Narrated by the Kokotel sheep mascot, this engaging video delves into the brand concept in an informative and entertaining manner. Please visit [https://youtu.be/SDmTTsu0F_U ].

Brand concept movie
Brand concept movie

About Kokotel
Since its foundation in 2016, Kokotel has grown to 11 locations in Thailand and 1 in Japan. Now, with its sights set on expansion to the Philippines and beyond, Kokotel’s “Kokotel as Entertainment” campaign embodies the brand’s core philosophy of “Wow our Friends & Family”.

About Koko Global Hospitality Co., Ltd.  Koko Global Hospitality is a professional operating firm who maximize ‘Wow” for hotel owners, guests, and staff. The company started a business in 2015 and has now grown to operate over 20 properties in Thailand.

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