January 17, 2024 - News Release

Kokotel builds on success presenting the hotel brand “VIVTEL” Premium Lifestyle Hotel, a new idea for “couples”

Kokotel, a Japanese Hotel Operator, penetrates the hotel market to build on the success, picks up the premium lifestyle trend, creates the “VIVTEL”, a new concept hotel especially for couples, ready to raise the idea of ​​”Our Space” to create a space that meets all lifestyle needs from the first moment of your stay, with the rooms that take into account the needs of every couple until the “Wine Bar” that combines fine wines with complete services and facilities to meet the needs of creating memorable moments in every rest hour

Rei Matsuda, CEO of Kokotel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that the success of the Hotel Operator business in Thailand has allowed us to see more opportunities in the hotel market, especially for guests in the group of ‘couples’ who have travel behaviors and demands in the accommodation. This group of guests does not see the hotel as just a place to relax but they also expect a service that meets their lifestyle or helps to complete the experience while travel together as a couple with the opportunity to grow in the couple market that tends to increase from the number of male-female groups and other diverse groups such as LGBTQ+, make Kokotel chooses to upgrade the brand creating the Premium Lifestyle concept ‘VIVTEL’ which is a hotel, especially for couples

“Usually, many hotels offer services that are just rooms, sees that guests come to sleep, pack their bags, and go out to travel or some places focus on enhancing services and focusing on the ‘Public Space’ section, but we look back to the couples that may not like to spend time together in common areas, this group of guests requires the convenient services from hotels, but still would like to have a space in the style of ‘Our Space’, a private space where we can create the special moments together. Therefore, VIVTEL is designed specifically to meet the lifestyle of couples. In the room, guests can join a variety of activities together, both dinners together on the Dining Table and have drinks served at the minibar to create a romantic and private atmosphere, whether it is a variety of fine wines, lots of alcoholic beverages to choose, including snacks such as ice cream and chocolate while sitting back watching the series on the movable TV or if you need to have a fun time to do favorite activities together under the most private atmosphere in the room. It seems to be an option that answers the question quite a bit.”

Another difference that VIVTEL giving to the guests is to make the atmosphere of a hotel stay able to create a special memorable moments with the warmth and joy of VIVTEL as well with a lobby area designed in the style of a ‘Wine Bar’, couples can experience a wide variety of fine wines that VIVTEL has well-chosen, including a variety of beverages under warm lights in a stylishly decorated bar and maintain the identity of the ‘Our Space’ concept in its entirety even in public areas under the design with a semi-transparent curtain which is perfect for both romantic feelings, privacy and also able to experience the joy of the surrounding as well 

VIVTEL also pays attention to the concept of services and facilities different from other hotels that are the period of stay adapted to meet the lifestyle of the guests by adjusting the check-in time to 4 PM and the check-out time to 2 PM, with the slogan that VIVTEL wants to present, ‘Sleepover to Oversleep’, respond the guests can spend time at the hotel extremely, also can choose the time to wake up as you like and no need to rush during check-out time, moreover there is also in-room meals service that guests can choose a breakfast set or a lunch set.

In addition, VIVTEL has also changed from the monotonous Welcome Card to an adorable welcome gift, such as a special couple pajamas set and a pair of slippers, that helps to create an impression from the first moment. Importantly, VIVTEL also pays attention to creating the good moments for the couple’s special day with the room packages for special days to let guests arrange surprises on the big day perfectly by preparing the amenities of the hotel such as birthday cakes, bouquets, balloons, or other decorations as needed

“We would like VIVTEL to be a hotel that represents memorable hours in the way that two people stay together to create a more special moment than ever. The name ‘VIVTEL’, comes from the English word ‘Vivacious’, which reflects the atmosphere that we would like the hotel to be in, which is full of fun, cheerfulness, and liveliness, and the word ‘Vivi’ also refers to a person full of color, adventure, special and one of a kind to describe our guest who loves to relax with their special person and ‘Vivi’ is also coming from a Japanese slang ‘Bibitto-kuru’ which means the lightning sound of an inspiration to fall in love with someone. 

“Therefore, all areas of VIVTEL are designed to welcome couples of all genders and groups to relax in their ‘Our Space’ in a private hotel and have the best service from us.”

Rei Matsuda, CEO
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