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There are so many Hotel Operators, why do you choose
Koko Global Hospitality to help manage your hotel?

Full hands-on

No worry in any parts of the hotel including Accounting, Sales, HR, Marketing, Operations, and F&B management we also take care

High Quality in Operation

Your hotel will be treated from our professional staff who experienced from a world-class hotel with well written SOP

Food & Beverage Creation

The variety of food & beverage creation by following the identity of hotel location and make. Also included taking a nice photo for any advertisement in the future

More Sales Channel & Revenue Management

Managing the best room price and good profit is our task; we use a variety of online travel agencies (OTAs) to get the customers across the world and offline sales channel (Corporate, Agents, and Exhibition)

Flexibility of Brand

You can choose your own hotel brand. You can also choose your own hotel name with the same quality and standard as the Kokotel branded hotel. Don't have to worry about the brand.

Operation and IT System

We provide the full services of necessary IT systems such as PMS, POS, Channel Manager, HR, etc. You don't have to contact the supplier and there is no additional cost on this.

Centralized Operation

We provide hotel owners with a dedicated back office team to efficiently address all operational challenges, streamline transactions, and optimize hotel performance for maximum returns.

Centralized Operation

Koko Global Hospitality offers a Centralized and Property Operation Management model, providing hotel owners with a dedicated back office team to efficiently address all operational challenges, streamline transactions, and optimize hotel performance for maximum returns.

Hotel Owner's
Pain Points

During the management of a hotel, there are many issues which come both from the operation side.


Your Hotel is too Small and isn't Worth for Hiring the Major Hotel Brands to Manage

Many hotel owners may try to contact the operators for a better return but they face a high cost and still have fixed costs for hiring staff which causes the profit not good enough.


No Time, Having Too Many Business to Take Care

You have too many businesses to take care of and are unable to allocate time for managing your hotel.


Dream of Having Your Own Hotel but You Don't Want to Manage It!

The investor who would like to have your own medium sized hotel to be able to control costs and operations and you can let someone work for them to generate the return.


Lack of Knowledge of Hotel Management and Operations

You are the owner who has less experience in hotel management, so you need a professional and consulting team to help, advise, and manage your hotel for the best profit.

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How does Koko Global Hospitality's Hotel Management Service Help You?

With our Centralized and Property Operation Management business model, Koko Global Hospitality has the professional hotel management and consulting teams to help and support a wide range of operations at the owner's hotel.

Hover each one to explore
more about detail

Designing & Construction Advisory

We can provide hotel’s design advice and work with the contractor to manage the project.

Interviewing & Recruiting

We help the hotel’s owner to estimate necessary staff and proceed with staff recruitment, selection, and uniforms.

Staff Training Operation Management Quality Control

We will organize, train, monitor, and evaluate employees’ performance to meet our brand standard.

Contacting Variety of Sales Channel (Online & Offline)

Our Revenue Management team will do sales and marketing plans by analyzing the market competition.

Creating the Food Menu Planning & Controlling the Materials

Our food and beverage team can help from F&B concept planning, ingredients selecting, price negotiating with suppliers.

Contacting Necessary IT Software Supplier for the Hotel

We will contact the dealers for selecting the best IT software and hardware for your hotel.

Finish Hotel Internal Accounting for Hotel Owner

Our accounting team will create the income and outcome statement for the hotel’s owner.

Purchasing & Handovering on Time

Our purchasing team will source, select qualified products, and negotiate for the best price.

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