Koko Global Hospitality

A Professional Operating Firm

We started a business in 2015 as a company to operate “Kokotel” properties. Since then, we have now grown to operate over 20 properties in Thailand. Among the properties, there are many properties under the hotel brands that are not Kokotel.

While “Kokotel” is the important hotel brand of ours, the company has become more than a hotel brand.

By changing our name to be “Koko Global Hospitality” on 1 January 2023, we commit to distribute the 3 valuable items, Operational Excellence Friends & Family Culture, and “Wow” to the world as much as and as fast as possible. This spread is our way to contribute to society.

We are no longer a hotel company but are a “Professional Operating Firm” to serve for well-being and prosperity for our own staff, our guests and owners.

Our Mission & Values

Koko's Way: Purpose and Mission

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Our Purpose

Impress the World in the 22nd Century

Koko Global Hospitality would not pursue a short-term trend or an easy money making business. It will rather pursue to become a long-lasting device to continue creating impacts to people’s emotions in generations, as if the Walt Disney Company, founded in 1923, is still delivering works to impress the world in 2023.

Our Mission

Spread "Wow" and "Kaizen" to the Globe

Koko Global Hospitality spreads ”Wow”, pleasant surprises of emotional and material returns by guests, property owners and staff, and “Kaizen”, continuous improvements to achieve operational excellence. The spread shall be accomplished by expanding the business to 1,000 properties in 10 countries of 6 continents by 2035, and by supplying the society with professionals who fulfill their life missions.

1,000 properties
in 10 countries of
6 continents by 2035


We are friends and family,
serving friends and family



Define your life mission and pursue it



Sincerely get things done with discipline



Learn new things and always keep growing & improving



Think as in charge to proactively do the best



Acknowledge not only the weakness but also the strength of others and respect



Keep smiling and energize others even in tough times



Offer necessary supports to win as a team


Mutual Feedback

Never hesitate to give candor feedback to become a better hotel and to realize mission. Be open-minded to receive it.

Rei & Team

Rei Matsuda

Founder and CEO

  • Dream Incubator (A leading strategy consulting firm in Japan), 2002 to 2008
  • Dream Incubator Singapore, 2011 to 2015, as MD
  • ORIX Investment and Management in Singapore, 2009 to 2011
  • Keio University (BA in Policy Management)
  • Imperial College London (MBA)
  • Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
  • Nanyang Technological University (Master of Management in Hospitality)
Nitikoon Soodtikom

Vice President

Nalinrat Chamnithawornkul

Director Of Finance

Somsiri Mankij

Human Resources

Shinichi Shirane

Sales, Marketing & Revenue

Ekachai Panngam

Project Management

Bulan Jatukunkitti

Purchasing and SCM

Bhawat Peanpensiriwong

Business Development, Branding & Design

Surasit Salamteh

Information Technology

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