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We take care to ensure the secure transmission of information. Regarding information collection on this website, all customer data entered into inquiry or application forms on this website is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

In our website and network services there are pages which, through the use of logged access information, cookies, web beacons and other mechanisms, automatically collect website connection information. These website and network services are managed appropriately and in accordance with our privacy policy, and the information collected will not be used for purposes other than those stated. For further details, see our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

As a solutions business which aspires to create comfortable space, the Koko Global Hospitality (from here-on referred to as “Koko Global Hospitality ”), with “Quality pays for itself” as our motto, supplies products and services which gain enduring customer satisfaction while contributing to society through various business activities.

Here at Okamura we recognize the importance of the protection of your personal information as one of our corporate social responsibilities, and establish, carry out and maintain the following privacy policy.

In consideration of the size and nature of our business operations, we work to appropriately manage personal information through the placement of a personal information protection system and the appointment of a Chief Privacy Officer. Measures are implemented to particularly ensure that your personal information is not handled more than necessary to achieve the specific purpose of use.

Regulations concerning the appropriate handling (collection, use, supply, etc.) of your personal information are established which all employees adhere to.

When your personal information is entrusted to an external party, the amount of information shall be kept to the minimum possible, and the appropriate external party selected based on our own unique selection criteria. Responsible guidance shall be given to ensure that appropriate management (secure management of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality, etc.) is carried out at the external party as well.

We work to prevent and counteract the leakage, loss or damage of stored personal information with a wide variety of appropriate and rational security management measures, including information security countermeasures.
Laws and guidelines established by the government and other standards regarding the handling of personal information shall be adhered to.

We endeavor to continually improve this privacy policy and our personal information protection management system including all relevant regulations.

Any complaints or consultations from customers regarding the handling of their personal information or our personal information protection management system shall be taken through the point of contact listed on our website and dealt with appropriately.

Established: April 1, 2005
Final revision: October 1, 2007

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