FB Manager

Kokotel Khao Lak Lighthouse 30,001 - 40,000 (THB) 1 Position Full Time
Posted 4 months ago

Job Qualifications


In charge Food & Beverage in every aspect of the Food & Beverage operation:-

  • Quality and consistency of service and product.
  • All cost factors.
  • Cleanliness of all Food & Beverage areas.
  • Final selection and training of staff.
  • Production of Department profit.
  • Delegate and ensure responsibility for various elements of the operation to the respective staff members.

Job Details


  • In Charge Food & Beverage to be responsible in the hotel for the overall activities of this department, take care F&B Marketing plan, try to achieve the budget and control expenses for maximize departmental profit, more particular for seeking excellence of the standards of service, food quality and presentation, through enforcing systems, methods, courtesy and constantly training the F&B staff for a better efficiency.
  • To perform any other duties set by hotel policies, management or his/her direct supervisor which are not included here above.
  • Plan and organize briefings and meetings in the absence of the EAM – Food & Beverage
  • Responsible for the never ending process of;
  • Planning, organizing, staffing together with management.
  • Executing, controlling, and innovating in F&B Dept.
  • Inspect the outlets and back of the house areas on a daily basis to ensure that standards of cleanliness are being followed, and kitchen service is fast and efficient.
  • Personally verify that the guests in all outlets are receiving the best possible service available.
  • Assist with the creation and planning of new menus.
  • Assist in the development and production of the special promotions under the supervision of the RM.
  • As requested by the RM, supervise the set up and operation of special banquet functions.
  • Assist RM with the creation of reports, profits and loss.
  • Inspect equipment regular basis and liaise with other departments to ensure repairs and replacement when necessary.
  • To direct, supervise and check the overall F&B operation/consisting of menu and beverage list planning, proper purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing of food and beverage, food production, standard of service in restaurants, bar and banquet operations and proper credit and collection for the food and beverage served.
  • Assist to responsible for the proper handling and control of F&B materials and equipments seeing that looses and breakage and minimized.
  • In charge set up training program according to the needs and will see that these are followed by his designated supervisors.
  • Authorize all requisitions from storerooms in his department/and/or delegates to his subordinates this responsibilities when ever/wherever he should find it suitable. He will evaluate, control and authorize the repair & maintenance, work orders, necessary in this Department
  • Attend all meetings as required.
  • Personally verify that the guests in all outlets are receiving the best possible service available.
  • Perform all duties as requested by the RM.


  • 2 Days Off / week
  • Incentive
  • Meal allowance
  • Service Charge
  • Social Security
  • Medical Allowance
  • Provident Fund
  • Public Holiday/Annual Leave
  • Uniform / Laundry

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